American Ride Limousine
Airport Procedures
It has always been difficult to establish exact pickup times at the terminals because conditions at the
O'Hare Chicago Airport have a tendency to change in a matter of minutes. American Ride has devised
loading parameters which we hope will expedite pickups at O'Hare airport and result in our customers
arriving at their destinations in an efficient and timely manner. When a "private car" customer calls (with
luggage in hand, of course) the car is dispatched on an ASAP basis. Under "normal" circumstances, our cars
will be in front of the terminals on time. It is important for the customer to be there when the car pulls up,
because holding in front of the terminal is strictly prohibited by the FAA and the Chicago police.
If the customer experiences a delay exiting the terminal he/she should let us know immediately. This will
help eliminate the need to redispatch a second vehicle after he/she has missed the dispatched limousine. In
the event we experience extremely heavy volume at O'Hare airport the loading times will be adjusted in
accordance with time estimates given by our drivers. These adjusted times will be given to our customers at
the time they call. We are combining these new load times with a more vigorous policy of pre-staging our
vehicles in anticipation of business peaks. In addition, we will continue in our pursuit of accurate airline
flight information, as well as overall traffic difficulties, to give our customers the best limousine service
possible. With American Ride, your confidentiality is always assured.